10 Reason to Consider Attending Aesthetics Institute & Laser Sciences
For Your Education?

AILS, it’s staff and faculty are proud of our Institute and would like to share the “Top 10 Reasons To Consider AILS For Your Aesthetics Education”...

AILS is not a cookie cutter Institute.

AILS’ dedicated faculty educators each posses over 10 years in the industry with up-to-date experience & continuing education.

AILS reputation and history is recognized as “Industry Trend Setters” in the aesthetics field by creating the basic “Standards in Aesthetics Education” for Arizona schools since 1998.

AILS is the first to bring digital technology to the classroom utilize student digital tablets for the daily curriculum.

AILS is the first school of aesthetics to provide a “Salon Ready Student Kit” complete with the standard aesthetics equipment to open shop.

AILS creates an entrepreneurial mindset for students at the onset of enrollment which is carried out through graduation.

AILS curriculum is based on industry mechanics, advanced technology, and the science of clinical aesthetics & laser light therapies.

AILS Director of Education is recognized for her contribution to the aesthetics industry of Arizona by spas, salons, and competitive schools alike.

2. Unique to
AILS, students are educated primarily in clinical aesthetics for paramedical aesthetics practice.

1. The #1 reason to consider
AILS for your aesthetics education is with our experience and longevity, we wrote the book on aesthetics education in Arizona.

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